The only one understanding human best.


Dog tends to be the most friendly animal which can mingle with human. A dog can be someone’s bestfriend, house watch, even a trainned dog an protect people from criminals.
Here is the picture of my dog, called Mimi. Mimi is a female dog given by my former boyfriend couple years ago. She replaces the position of lil sister in my family since I was born as the onlh daughter in my family.
As it’s written on many books and references, Mimi is likely the same as others dogs whose mind seems sensitive.
The picture you’re looking at right now taken 2 weeks ago when I couldn’t stop crying all night long. Seriously, mimi seems to be the best dog ever. Since she always succeeds to turn my smile back after my anxiety.
If you guys have no idea what you should take care of to be your friends. Instead of buying a cat, a dog is so much more fascinating.

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Tentang Elizabeth Mery Christian

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