Retorical question

Do you know what  the definition of retorical questions are? These are some questions which are actually unnecessarily needed or these don’t need answers. Why do people keep asking the same retorical questions? In my opinion there are some reasons :

First, the person asking retorical questions don’t know how to start a conversation in some circumstances. He starts asking retorical questions to melt the cold between two or more people in a place. Some examples can sound familiar for you guys :”Hi, we are at the same university, right?” (this takes place in somewhere when students usually are together to do something)

Second, the person might not believe in the one he asks. So he tries to make sure that his partner won’t give the different answers when he asks the retorical questions for many times.

Third, retorical questions can be part of beautifying sentences or conversation.

Are you one of those who love saying a retorical question? Which type are you?


Tentang Elizabeth Mery Christian

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